espacio trapézio / events


Because of its characteristics and equipment, espacio trapézio is a space that can be divided into modules; this admits multiple proposals and is open to proposals for events organised by institutions, organisms or companies related principally with culture in general and, particularly, gastronomy.

espacio trapézio gives priority to its cultural and artistic programming. Therefore, to formulate a collaboration petition or ask for the use of the space, a minimum of three-weeks notice is required. This period is necessary so that the technical commission in charge of the programming of the contents of the space can value and analyse the petitions and suggest presentation formats according to the requirements received.

In espacio trapézio we are motivated by a passion for art and creative expression. For this reason we believe in the importance of dialogue to generate proposals and reach a consensus and offer a new and innovative vision of each event.

To receive information about the format of events in espacio trapézio, please contact: