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espacio trapézio

espacio trapézio is a multidisciplinary space that fosters the diffusion, investigation and production of contemporary art, and aims to provide a platform for young and emerging artists from all disciplines and technical backgrounds.

Aditionally, espacio trapézio welcomes social and cultural activities rooted in a creative perspective and aims to liaise between the user and the creator in an open, accessible and dynamic space.

The programme of events follows several different practical orientations: theme-related group exhibitions, curated projects, educational activities and documentaries and participative events.

The artistic and curated projects are shortlisted by a Technical Commission of specialists whose role it is to evaluate commissioned projects and works received for the annual Call for Artists public programmes.  The main criteria for evaluation in both cases are excellence, rigour and innovation.

espacio trapézio embraces its two-prong responsibility. Firstly, to position itself as a platform for professional artwork for young, emerging and artists with a potential for growth. Secondly, to open a dialogue with cultural agents within the city, the state and throughout the world in order to foster the improvement of the artistic context of Madrid.

The location of espacio trapézio inside the San Antón market at the heart of the Chueca neighbourhood is one of its defining features. This feature highlights a proactive identity as a starting point for the investigation into the intersection between culture, economy, consumption, dialogue and gastronomy.


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