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Open call *Licences*

Open call *Licences*
02/01/2013 > 04/02/2013

A project by Leonor Serrano Rivas

This is a project that reworks and redacts a technical document that specifies, stimulate and delimit the ability of certain places in subjective terms. The language is disturbed replacing the original words by their synonyms establishing infinite connections.

Two types of official licenses will be used- *construction license and * first occupancy license- that every public place must have.

The first one, construction license is just required by the local administration needed for any kind of construction. The second one will insure that what was constructed is according to the norms and finally could be intended to be used in a specific way.

The project is benefited thanks to the specific condition of the place not only the situation also the bureaucratic form.

The specific proposals will give poetic terms according the asked validity.

It is an attempt to redo the game rules, where the norm is the starting point: The manifest to be interpreted. The place will face the unknown, it is exposed to be occupied, distorted, disturbed by every art and discipline seeking a new identity.

Inevitably, the destruction and recombination of those systems reach new codes and logics that mix up with established values. The path is from rules and systems to chance and poetry, setting up crisis into the scientific exemplar. The project aim is to make evident the complexity of our contexts in a mutant condition where relations are established between real and fictional environments.